Should i go back to school or be content with my current job?

I will try to make this as short as possible. I am 27 and the mother of a 4 year old. I have worked off and on for a company in the aviation industy for a total of 6 years. I dropped out of school at the age of 16 to take care of my dying mother. I have been working full time jobs since. I never returned to school but got my GED. I have always wanted to go to college, but was never quite sure what i wanted to do. Currently, i have worked a total of 6 years in the aviation industry and have had no actual legitimate training. I started off at this company doing temporary data entry and it evolved into me working various positions. I have now advanced about as far as i can, and although i make a pretty decent wage, i am no longer satisfied. There are a lot of issues with the company…financial and otherwise. The company has gone through numerous changes in ownership and i have been laid off several times. There is absolutely no structure and the employee moral is very low. The company offers no health insurance or any other benefits and probably never will. The position i currently have there is very specific to that company and the skills i have acquired through that position would not transfer well to any other job in the event i were to be laid off yet again. This is my main concern. After being laid off from this company a couple years ago i went to work for a law office for about a year and a half and worked as a secretary. I found the job very challenging but rewarding and have always wondered if i should pursue a career as a paralegal. I love working in the aviation industry but i am not happy with the company i work for anymore and i live in a rural community with no other companies in this industry and i am not wanting to move or relocate to pursue a career in this industry elsewhere. SO MY QUESTION:

I have been thinking about going to college to get my degree as a paralegal. I am very conflicted as to HOW i will do it though. My boyfriend (and daughter’s father) was injured a few months ago in an auto accident and has been unable to work. My job is the main source of income and it has been tough to say the least…all the more reason why i want to have a more secure future in a profession that can offer better stability. I dont know how to go about pursuing this. If i quit my job to go to school full time how will i pay our bills? I cant rely on just student loans, right? I have quite a bit of debt right now, mostly medical (no insurance). I know i could find a part time job, but again, i make a pretty decent wage now and it will be hard going from making twice the amount of minimum wage, to most likely making minimum wage. I know there are a lot of programs and assistance available to students and students with families…but i am so overwhelmed. I want to do this so bad, but feel like i have no guidance. Not to mention i am under a tremendous amount of stress right now. I feel selfish for letting this consume me and take time away from my family. I just cant stop thinking about how i need to start working towards a better future. I want to buy a home and provide a good life to my daughter. I dont want to struggle like my parents did. I want to better myself. I am just so lost as to what i should do. I keep going back and forth…do i quit my job and go to school or do i stick it out at my job and wait until they eventually go under again and lay me off?

Also, going to school would mean moving to a larger city nearby about 45 miles away. I have always wanted to live in this city but it would mean a lot of changes…quitting my job, finding a new preschool for my daughter, etc. I know this could be a great thing, but i am so worried that i wont be able to do it…that i will regret quitting my job. But i also know that if i dont pursue this dream i will also have regrets. WHAT TO DO?!

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