Should I get my mortgage due to lower monthly payments on a house that is not worth the current market?

I get a loan modification last December 8 with a third party. I spent two months lost due to work, but got a new job in March 9 and continue to make my monthly mortgage payments. Loan modification began on August 09, Countrywide was sold to Bank of America. After my third payment of the test phase (3 months), the bank contacted me and said that the document was not intended and I’ll be back in three months after the provision of the documents are missing. So now I have my second Payment of the second test phase, 31 Will end on December 09th Some comments above are that the bank will only delay or force the games you are unable to your payments. My salary covers the mortgage, but I need more than the $ $ $ real value of my house. I consider the possibility of the house and rent, lease or selling and I’ll rent, but no one will hire for 2000 DLL in this area. What would be the best thing to do?

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