Should I get a Mortgage loan or a personal loan??

Ok I am buying a small vacation house in Puerto Rico. PR is a commonwealth of the US, so I am sure most of the same rules apply. Can I get a loan here in Philadelphia to buy this property? Also the house is very cheap (60k) so I am wondering if it is possible to get a long term personal loan instead?? How does that work? I only want this b/c I think it will be quicker & easier, but I am afraid they will need proof of what I am using the money for & then make me do a 2nd mortgage. Anyway if I get a 15 yr mortgage, is there a way I can do it so that I dont need to go through all the inspections & long processes?? Please help. Thank you!! I choose the best answer.
also I have owned my home for 4 years. I believe thats means I dont have much equity, to get a home equity loan correct?
The personal loan would need to be over 72 months & i dont want a sky high apr, so that seems hard. Is it possible to get a mobile home loan?? although its not a mobile home.. this option looks suitable
Thank you Jennifer. Do they need to know the details of why u are using the money when u get a home equity loan?
Thank u lepr0kan! Yes u did answer my other question. Ok So if i do a mortgage loan then I would have to do it through a co in PR?

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