Should I get a lawyer to process my application?

My house burned down a week and a half, I was not in town and we lost everything we heard except the clothes. The fire marshal came out that night and told me he was suspicious, but the cause will probably never clarified. When I visited the insurance they treated me as a kind of criminal, I am here after losing all that I possess. Upon leaving, I was right next to me, they dig into all aspects of my life, they wanted the boat to see the game, and get a feel for how much money I spent there low. And they always say, you know why it does not look good for you! Can you do me like that? She turned everything I said, and then to make matters worse, he said that there is some time to get my claim to find a solution because he was suspicious of the question is how long he said, “it depends from how much you in “As if I did in all my personal property again she has to pay the claim! Fire chief has ruled me and knows the insurance company, and the reason I want to talk to a lawyer, is to protect me, not because she. The “means” to me I just feel like they are on some kind of witch hunt not play demand. it as it is awful if I ask you something, and I’m not sure what to trade my rights, I have with them (as gambiling) to prove, I only spent $ 120, but that’s the point of all this thye may require things and I have to jump through hoops, just like my family, because they were too interigated.

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