Should I file for bankruptcy?

I just lost both of my cars that I was paying a total of $ 841/mo. on. My wife is going to be quitting her job because of childcare issues, tension levels in the family, and all the stress that’s been building up from playing “tagteam” with watching the kids over the past 2 months. I get at least 15 calls a day from credit card companies asking where their money is. I incorrectly filed my taxes in 2005 (filed a Schedule K-1 online with Liberty Tax, and apparently I was missing a Schedule E form), so now I have a tax debt of almost $ 10,000. I will be making just enough money to pay my mortgage, utilities, food, and gas for commuting to and from work (70 miles a day). I am behind on every credit card I have, a Home Depot Consumer Loan, student loans, medical bills, everything. I also live in a suburb of Austin, TX in case anyone was wondering. I don’t know the bankruptcy laws well enough in Texas, and I need major help. Should we file for bakruptcy, and if should which kind of bankruptcy?
I believe most people are thinking that I’m a big spender, but I’m actually more of a tightwad. I don’t buy latte’s at all or have any weekly or daily habits with spending money on food, my wife cannot work due to the fact that everything she makes goes towards paying for childcare, and even still we’re short. I am a general manager of a restaurant, on salary, and I cannot get another job because I have to have open availability. I lived on credit cards and did things like paying my water and electric bills with them, not going out and buying a big screen tv or anything of that sort. Like I said,I am relatively frugal, it’s just childcare mostly that screwed me and now I’m up to my ears in debt because of the decision for my wife to stay at work.

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