Should I file for bankruptcy or do debt consolidation. I have $42K in cc debt + my car, house, i cant keep up?

I have $ 42K in cc debt with an average of about 14% interest. Another $ 10K in 0% financed stuff, $ 1,400 mortgage, and $ 330 car payment, $ 650 student loan payment, and another $ 2K in bills each month. Due to new kiddo and making almost half what i did due to sudden change at work, i can barely pay the minimum I need to plus just $ 1K towards my debt each month. I have stopped spending money on anything, but the interest and amount of debt is killing me, and im sure the credit card companies are just waiting for me to miss one payment to default me to 33.3% interest. Please no guilt trip on the amount of debt, i got stuck with alot of it after a divorce 2 years ago and i didnt even do the spending!!

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