Should I convert to Mormonism for the woman I love?

Hello Everyone,

I have the most amazing girlfriend in the entire world, her name is Kate and i would do anything for her, including seriously contemplating joining a religion that I have never heard of until I moved to Arizona to go to college. It makes be sad to even think about life without her, and as someone who is 6’6” I know that the chances of finding another 6’3” princess who plays volleyball and fences is slim to none. Unfortunately, it is coming up on crunch time in our relationship. Since neither of us would feel comfortable living together unmarried and we have both started our professional careers it is fast becoming time to make a decision. For those of you familiar with the Phoenix metro area, I can clearly say that their is nothing I would rather do then turn of the computer and head to London Gold and buy her the shiniest thing in the store, but there is complications. She is rather devout and wants a full religious ceremony and for me to become a full practicing member.
I believe in God, but that is always where it has kind of stopped. I just don’t know if i’m ready for such a religious commitment. I like and respect many things about the Mormons like your empahsis on family. Kate always tells me its the first step towards the home life i want for my future family. I also like how the Boy Scouts play an important role, I am an Eagle Scout myself, and apprecite the strong committment to charitable work. I just wish that there was more time, but there really isn’t, if I converted for her, what will my future be like? I know she will be happy and do everything she can to make me comfortable. Shes also said then when children become involved that they would be brought up in the faith and im sure with such a great woman as their mother, everything would work out. I’m just worried about me, what if I never really fit in all the way? This is the worst delema I have ever faced and I just don’t know what to do.

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