Should I cash out when I refinance?

I am the process of refinancing my mortgage. I have a second mortgage and the lender wants me to pay to go through with the refinance. They gave me two choices. 1) bear one second mortgage refinancing cash and go through. or 2) get money to pay the second actually strengthen the mortgage as a mortgage. The additional cost of money, about $ 1500.Ma wondering if I should use your savings to pay for the second mortgage amount of $ 80,000. But because of my new mortgage rate is below 5%, I do not know if I could do better by investing $ 80k is a conservative mix of stocks, bonds, cash and gold mutual funds , and get out before the next 20 aastat.Kommenteerida? Is it time to be cautious and reduce debt, or should I try to earn 5% by investing in?
I have two mortgages. My first loan is due to the exp of 2 years (it has a fixed rate of 5.75% today), my second loan is a HELOC w / the current rate of 9.45%. I probly have less than 5% of the equity in my house was built because of the depreciation of housing. My credit score is around 700-725, most likely I spout a great balance on my luck renewable krediitkaardile.on good as the value of my home increases the next 2-3 years due to developments around the LG In my neighborhood, but I’m not sure if something better rate than I do now. If I refinance now, I will not be able to consolidate their credit card debt is my mortgage because I do not have greater equity and my assumption, BEC will be closing costs must be added. However, when I refinanced, I can get another five years and not have to worry about my rates go up for a mean period of time. Should I refi now or wait a little longer (in my exp adj 2 years, but I do not know whether to go for a HELOC is a follow )?????

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