Should I bother to use my mattress warranty?

I bought mattress under a year ago and a wire underneath the mattress feels like it’s about to poke through the fabric. It’s quite sharp and I can’t find any other part of the mattress with something similar, so I am fairly sure this is a defect. Also, the springs in the foot of the mattress are starting to squeak and pop a little. I contacted the mattress dealer to discuss how I would proceed with a warranty claim.

The man over the phone politely tried to talk me out of it, saying that the problems weren’t that big of a deal and that I would have to pay a $ 60 fee for the company to send out inspectors to determine whether my mattress qualified for a warranty fix. If the mattress couldn’t be repaired, they’d have to give me a new one free of charge with free delivery, but he was adamant that my mattress’ problems may not be covered at all and I could be wasting sixty bucks. He also said he’d offer me credits on a new mattress in his show room.

I can’t tell whether he’s being helpful and honest in addition to representing his company’s interests or whether he’s trying to discourage me from filing a legitimate warranty claim. I’d rather not spend sixty dollars, especially to be told there’s nothing that can be done for me, but I’m also willing to pay it out if it can get repaired.

So, my question is – is it worth it to pursue the claim or is the guy at the mattress store right that it’s not worth my money?
I should add that the wire is at the edge where my sheets are, so I’m kind of worried that it’ll snag and rip sheets and my mattress pad if it eventually pokes through.

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