Should I be thankful for my situation OR should I throw caution to the wind and take some risks?

Let me start by stating for the record that I’m 23. I’m not married. I have no kids. I have no debt. I have no financial obligations, such as a mortgage.

I have been working for a company for the past five years and in a relatively short period of time I have worked my way up the ranks into a middle management position. I have worked very diligently to be successful and am now reaping the benefits. I am well respected within the company, extremely well paid, and have awesome benefits. I have even had the opportunity to build up substantial savings. I actually can say that I like my job.

I do feel very fortunate and I know that many people would kill to be in my shoes; however the one caveat is that I’m totally bored. It’s no longer a challenge. There is no more room in the company for further growth and advancement. I feel compelled to pursue other career interests, perhaps an education or just take some time off to travel.
My father thinks that I would be a fool if I throw away such a wonderful position. He advised me to settle down and buy a house. The thought of being shackled like that to a paycheck and obligated to continue my employment practically makes me hyperventilate.

Sorry so long winded. It just kinda came out.

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