Should I ask my brother to pay back to me, give me his (my) house?

This is the situation 5 years ago I moved into a house that I could not afford it, but qualified anyway? I mortgaged the house (655k) with w 3 / 1 ARM@4.625% / minimum payment option. I lived in the house has a little less than 3 years, 3 years, I used the real estate market in real estate development and land. After 3 years, 2 years ago I moved to another house and my brother and his wife move into the first house I could not afford it. They did not pay me anything for the house, because then, when hard times. I was still paying the mortgage on the house and paid him approximately 6 months later. I paid 700k for I had some of the deferred interest on the loan, but that was about 1.1 million HOSu evaluated. So I took my brother a HELOC on the house with my credit card and the equity in my house. To the HELOC he started a business and it is now much more I have to ask, I need something to bezahlenIch not know, but I forgot about him and his wife still live in the house and their income last year was 253k? But even at the level I would not be asking too much of him because he was goin about 37 to 38, and did nothing to remove and combine him and his wife close to 60k in student loans, and is not even finished school and I know the debt of others has dozing in his youth. I believe in happy and I am sure he is, but I also have a debt that has a lot more than me, I know what I could from 250k but I do not know how he spent a year in loads. He needs to pay its bills because the company makes him and me, when I turn on the HELOC (he had to rebuild his credit rating) .. I mean, he pays all the costs to the house of his currently recognized my name, I wonder should I ask him to pay the purchase price of bak home or what is its value today and I would about 800k, I do not confuse it, as he gettin his life back on track will pay the HELOC, he pays property taxes and insurance and the house money. I do not pay for the house, but be careful.

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