Should I ask him to sign an agreement?

My friend and I were together for 6 years. lived together for 3 years. We lived in apartments for 2 years of shit and a half. We were saving our money like crazy to be able to afford a house. We were not 100% finished, but at night, our owner or the police did nothing for the losers addict on the first floor of a firearm on sale at our door, we knew it was time off & quickly. We do not expect a real estate agent called the next day to find something. But we found a house 2004, which was on sale. Very close to his work. Closer to the hospital and I wanted to work. We have purchased. Before you can buy it, my friend was in a motorcycle accident. (Almost lost his foot, 2 ER, 2 hospitals, surgery) We let our commitments. We have drawn. Later you discover when my friend was put back to work that his boss called and said my friend was laid off. The next call that someone messed up the paper for our mortgage, the lady was so interested, she cut her lied about certain information. The owner of the house had known already, it proved to be a friend of our family of two parents. So he set up a monthly payment. It was not for the bottom line (such as hire purchase), but we do not have much choice. I worked two full-time jobs. While he was looking for a job. He found one, they told us he was once again thrown into his work for three months, they would send the loan. In both our names that we had the first time I held a part-time work two jobs one full time position to do what the difference in his former position at his new job salary. Since then, he has also lost two weeks of work when his father was in hospital and time of the funeral. I had the vacation time, so I still paid for my time to be with him and his family. He is currently working its work for three months, so we reapplied. It turns out that we have once again screwed! They said because he was short-term disability and unemployment, took his credit a large Hit.Aber good news is, I could almost pay all my debts, because I was working overtime so many. The first time I went to apply I have not had much credit as I have only 21 (22 today) He called yesterday, I am ready to apply for the loan in full on my tray own! But my friend is not on the loan, unless I add it later. (Much later, she said) We’ve always said that this is our home. I was really pushing us to get married, but now I’m so glad that we did not, because both of our credit would be low. We would really have lost our home and in difficulty. Now the loan is high, but by me. While my name …. Like my friend and I know he would not quit. If I could afford everything myself. Is it wrong of me to make him sign a document like a lease? I do not want to hurt him. I want to get involved very soon. With everything that was going on no time. The money we save money for my engagement ring is a wedding and honeymoon and went to help, threw his mother came to collect his life insurance fathers thrown. And we helped pay Beerdigung.Was should be the next step? I am what some in the sense that it moves in that he pays me $ 200 per month for 6 months. The only way I can on my visit. Also add that if I killed it before we got married, it’s home to get it. And when we got married and then not leave do not pay me all that he find a job, but the house is mine.

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