Settling w/ a Lawfirm what to do?

I have a defaulted car loan that is now handled by a lawfirm….. I’ve been pying on this charged off acct for about a year now, my job was bought out by another company and i probably wont have a job next month….. I told the law firm reps this 3 months ago!!! I offered a settlmnt of 30% of the balance, which came to about 2k….they countered wanting like 5k….. I told them that i could see if i could borrow money from family and py them 3k… response….I let them sleep on it and continued making monthly pymts as agreed…….. ne way i calld them Friday and offered again my 3k, and they tell me that the lowest they would go is 5k??? I confrmd to the rep that I am losing my job and wont have money to continue pying them, i can py them 3k right now and settle the acct…… because of their refusal i am in a corner… i don’t want to threaten bankruptcy bc i am only 24 and am trying to repair my credit. i have already settled w/ other creditors and dont understand why this lawyer doesnt want to settle??? help please? what can i do to influence them to take me seriously….
about that…… i was told that the lawyer DOESNT have to accept the settlment….. and two, that if i am taken to court i may beable to settle for less then 47%… like maybe 10% of the balance.. is this tru?
is credit counseling able to help even though the account is charged off???

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