Selling online help….scamm?

Hi. I was just wondering if this email i got regarding the item im selling online,from this person is a scam.. here is the first email:

I am interested in purchasing your item. I will like to know your last asking price and your preferred mode of payment as I intend to pay using money orders.
Thank you.

i then emailed back and said:
Hi, thank you for your interest. I take/prefer cash over money orders. My last asking price is $ 300 ($ 100 off) for everything. Thank you.

Then they emailed and said:
Hi,thanks for your mail,if it fits me perfectly,I’ll love to pay with cash and do the pick-up myself, but i’m presently out of the country (in paris) but will be back in a few weeks, that’s why i will like to pay using money orders.
I’ll also include my shipper’s fee,so after receiving the payment and getting it cashed,you’ll deduct your amount for the item and send the rest money to my shipper,who i’ve already arranged with to come and do the pick-up of the item from your residence for onward
delivery to my home.
I’ll like you to provide your contact address details to enable me issue out the payment to you Asap.
I await your contact address details.

Just wondering is thiss a scamm because it sure seems like it?

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