Selling house, need to know the average cost that a contractor will charge to tear out and reinstall kitchen?

cabinets, counters and sinks/fixtures. We have currently 11 cainets. We will reinstall 11- 18 depending on if we buy long units or shorter. Does contractor charge by amount of cabinets or hourly or what. What on average is the cost for this work labor wise excluding cost of cabinets? We will have floors done ourselves since we learned how to lay tile. The goal is to not spend a fortune just to sell this house but have it look nice to a new buyer.

This house was built in 1937 and these cabinets look as if theve been here since before it was built. I think they built the house around the cabinets. hehehe

Refacing these is not an option, trust me neither is paint since they are cheap yucky laminate stuff. This is the major thing keeping use from selling this house at market value so thank you your responses.

1. cost to install?
2. thoughts on floating hardwood floors in a kitchen?(would buyer like or be turned off)
3. how is labor charged?
4.suggestion to keep cost low?

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