Second mortgage before?

I have two mortgages in my name for a house that I was misled to sign. I’ve never lived in this house, I have a favor to someone who is supposed to repair and sell the house that had never happened before. I signed over the deed in 2006 to a man who was a friend of the lawyer, who I was and who was still with the Bank shortpay not interested. I was told about the crime to help me for signature. I had no knowledge of mortgages, houses, etc., at the time. The guy did nothing on the property. I received a notice of sale would be off, indicating the property will be auctioned in July 2007. I have not received any information on the property since. I checked my credit report and one of the loans (80K) hereby excluded. But there is another company that my report, I believe a collection agency and the unpaid balance. is 80K. Since I signed over the deed said, I “sold” it to 400K in 2006, what happens to the mortgage in my name? What it means to be excluded for a loan? The lawyer I since the beginning of this nightmare was a friend of my boyfriend at the time. I hit a document transmitted. She did not ask the bank if I could do it, they feel that if I could. There was no help for me either. I was only on the two mortgages. I do not understand what is happening. If a loan is excluded, namely, the property has been excluded? Does it mean someone other than the person that I transferred the deed to the new owner? Why there are no other loans excluded? What happens when I file my taxes 2007? I’ll go to jail or pay back of $ 400K? I do not want the property. The whole problem started because a friend told me that I trusted his friend a deal where we get the money using my name to buy this house would do, he does to repair then sell them its profit would. I’ve never lived in this house, nothing. None of this should be done. So now all I had ‘help’ me is gone. I have no one to contact to find out what happened on the property, what happens to me when I went if I have trouble with the IRS or go to jail. I do not have rent money for a real estate lawyer, so I do not know what to do. I know the importance of credit and I promised not to my credit card. I’ve been used and lied and trust someone, I should not have. I just want to know what to do to this house, mortgage and enjoy my behalf and at the end of Alptraum.Ich think I should have used the word is not fooled, because I did not. I was very under-informed, misled, used, and shrugged his shoulders. Do you think I get sued or go to jail? How do you think of a lawyer cost? Thank you all for your help and contribution. I transfer only the fact, because the lawyer had “helped me” when do I hit him because he could help me. She said that person would be to negotiate with the bank, around the house for a lesser amount agreed to purchase. As I said before, I had no knowledge of the mortgage, houses, etc. All the people I ‘help’ me clearly did not. Seems they got me into more trouble.
There are no guarantees, as the house will be their next move.Also sold.What if they sell my second loan to a third party, which is the average that simply is?

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