searching online for a mortgage broker as suggested in my previous??? regarding refi or equity loan?

meanwhile can anyone suggest a few good mortgage brokers. And wouldnt the Rate be determined by my credit currently 625. Also,is it fact that each inquiry will need a credit check and therefore it will post on my credit report which brings the credit score down 3 points per inquiry. I am concerned about this. Im currently at a 625 with a thin crdit file however Im slowly building my credit by making my pymnts to my vehicle and loan and credit card. I will be taking the advice from the posters and look for other alternatives or at best a lower rate. Thank you all very much

3 minutes ago
I understand that the appraisal fee’s are coming out of my pocket if I am to take the loan through citi financial but they did not say anything about who covers the fee if I dont take the loan. Could I be the one responsible even if I turn there offer down?

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