Search for mortgages, but reported income?

Currently, it is difficult to provide a loan company who are willing to grant a mortgage loan can be given that revenue. Due to the mortgage crisis, all lenders require a complete review of all blown someone Dokumente.Hat brokers or lenders who are still based on mortgages stated income?
We talked about buying a condo a few years, and only if we are serious about this, my husband got laid off. He has a good FICO score, but had been unemployed for some time. I have very good FICO score and the same job for 4 Jahren.Selbst if he finds a job quickly, his work is his story not too long, I do not know what will creditors is a question kümmern.Meine question – I can for a loan just to get the best deal now and put his name on the title to apply later? In this case, I can later its name on the loan? Our marriage is solid, but you never know what happens in the future and I want it just sein.Vielen Thanks in advance:) I’m applying it to my only income btw.

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