Save the next step, as repayment of a mortgage corporation option is available.?

In 2008 I sold my apartment, then the option of a mortgage has been my mortgage service. Originally I purchase a loan 80/20, which is actually two loans, but to buy it eliminates the need for a down payment on my house. Over the three years of ownership I had extra money paid to the largest of the loan, so I bought shares and I have to sell my house for a small Gewinn.Nun, I created a bit of background, I’ll try the script and then explain to my questions. I remember very close to the last day of the month, when I closed on the loan and sent to the company that controls both repay their loans. She sent (representing the title), they had overnight. An option has confirmed that he was on time (loans). But a month or two later, I was actually given to 350-400 $ plus deposit. I did not. I called the first option, and was transferred abroad. The representative said he was in another country, and he spoke very little English. I explained that I just had my # 1 Tri-Merge Credit Report (3 large) and they pulled me by the end of reports on a mortgage and not be lagging behind the other! ! He would not believe me. I had never been late on these mortgages, and a 30-day delay would only help kill my credit score, especially on a mortgage. He said I have to prove to my credit file by fax to the other country for me, they told me late. My company and I was surprised! He also said I should have my refund check in a “month or two” to receive. I never received. And then I had very bad things happen to like it (was very sick, the house, I was attacked broken, lost savings lost his job, etc.). Frankly, at this point in 2011, I finally recovered enough and capable enough to try to dispel this kind of question !….. Please does anyone have any suggestions? Obviously, the first option is out of business. So I can not .. I know I can prove bad credit, but I, I’ve never been late on any of these mortgages. It is important, because if I delete the mortgage until the end and needed a house that I can clean a history Mortgage and Rental and prove in this market, hire, if you don ‘ not have great credit and good payment history of housing was making a big difference, I know I am with this issue a little later in the game but to be honest, I found it so hard physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, it begins to make a lot of time, courage, good thing for this situation, you support a child or young person, and I think it’s funny, send me a sarcastic answer or mind, please nicht.Ich all thank you in advance for any information that may be useful in answering the following questions How do I: 1.) because of me my refund? 2) specify the incorrect late payment for a mortgage that report? Thank you.

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