sample debt settlement offer letter?

Does anyone know where I can find a good sample letter to send to a collection agency requesting a reduction of debt owed? I’ve been researching on how to negotiate with collection agencies and have come to the conclusion to keep it all in writing with receipts and proof.

So I decided to mail the collection agency a letter offering a lower amount. After much research I’ve decided on offering 25% of the current debt and working from there, however then I discovered that these agencies have NO motivation to remove anything off of my credit report after the debt is paid.

So I’m looking for a good sample letter offering the lower amount and insisting on complete removal of the item by the collection agency, so far I’ve found this letter

Will this suffice? Or does anyone know where I can get a better one. There is a lot of information out there about this stuff and its kind of overwhelming to a newbie, so any help is much appreciated.
by written, does that mean a typed letter that is signed by someone at the collection agency will suffice?

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