Reverse Mortgage Equity Loan … or you can buy a “new” home to parents?

My parents are sick current home, too careful and difficult to move in (2 storey home in progress … only one floor). Want Neuanfang.Der value of their home (real) is about $ 55,000. Home is looking for you 97 million, € 000. Dad said, a small mortgage payment ist.Was for this? You are 80 + years, the credit accounts very well paid in full each month. Current 2-story house was worth 14. Stay in the same Stadt.Lassen me another detail you need to know and / or other programs are known to you. They live in Texas, Collin County.071409 6:33 landlord – thank you specify! I get a lot like stress disorder of concern for them, I think I need people and brothers and sisters of the idea you should sell the old farm, where they all want Ma and Pa in housing Decent for their years!

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