Resident Alien with a social secutiry number in Oklahoma trying to purchase a home by getting a mortgage loan.

My finace is legal here in the United States from Mexico. He has a resident alien card as well as a valid social security number. We are trying to get a martgage loan on a home, but I was told by one company that since he was not a US Citizen and that since we live in Oklahoma, we can not get a home loan because people who reside in Oklahoma who are not US Citizens (although they are perfectly legal and have a valid social security card in this country) can not own any land in this state. Does any one have any help or information that they could provide me on this situation? It would be greatly appreciated.
(additional information: He works 2 job, but I do not work at all, just a SAHM..therefore I have not established much credit (only one account), so we can not put the loan just on my name.)
I was thinking the exact same thing about discrimination, but I am not sure. I am looking right now trying to find laws and regulations in Oklahoma about owning land , but so far, I have not found ANYTHING about not being about to own land in Oklahoma if you aren’t a US citizen.
and..we the mortgage company that told me this was quickenloans, I may try and contact someone else who works for them. Not sure yet what to do..if you have any advice, I need it! Thanks for your reply to my question! I appreciate it!

When I call to get information on my loan they look it up by my name or property address they can never find my information as if they sold it and no longer hold it .they ask me am i sure that i have the right mortgage company why would this be it’s always been with countrywide now bank of america.

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