Repairs and Maintainence question?

At my old aparments, as a tenant, i was told to pay for damages. I am in Michigan. I transferred in the same apartments because of pet problem of other tenant. I transferred at the end of month at new apartment and so as my renters insurance too. I transferred in cold season. When i transferred, i didn’t want to get charged for electricity after i moved. So i turned it off. But after four or five days, the water pipe busted and the water got flooded on ceiling as well as upstair tenant’s carpet got flooded. I am blamed for all this and my renters insurance will not cover it either as it already transferred to new apt.Now i received a bill from my landlord for 1200$ after deducting my 400$ deposit. I can not afford lawyer rite now. Can someone please help me?
Thanks! to everyone for the answer. But I still have a little confusion. I switched off the heat switch on 31st because eventually it was gonna charge me for 2 more days. I moved everything by 1st. Because of holidays and weekend, i turned in the keys on 4th.But according to apartment people, i was told that “you cannot turn off the heat in this cold season, you should have left it on and it would automatically transfer it to us once yours went off”. Upon this i felt that i should not pay for what i am not using. So i turned off the switch. And pipe blasted after 2-3 days after Jan 4th. Isn’t it his responsibility to check the apartment after i left on 31st instead of blaming me for messing up his apartment structure because of flood. He had an extra key. How is it my fault? Also apartment people have their rental insurance too. Can’t they claim on that?

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