Repair shop sold my car cause they said it was there too long?

i bought my car from lou fuze and have had nothin but problems with it since i got it.I have been making monthly payments since i bought it.The car cost 3000 and ive paid off 2000.In September the fuel pump whent out and I took it to Lou Fuze and they agreed to pay half for repairs since i just bought it in march.I lost myjob and could not pay the $ 500 for repairs and called them at the end of October and told them i would pay in a couple weeks.they said it was fine.Now its December 1st and i have the money and called them and they said they sold it and that it was there too long.They never called or sent a letter and i never had a chance to get anything out of it.They said they did send a letter but they sent it to my previous address.They still expect me to pay the monthly payments to keep my credit in good standing.Is there anything I can do.Could calling a lawyer help.

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