Relocating and need a mortgage in Colorado?

My husband and I are going to be relocating from Milwaukee to Denver in the next 6 months. We are both currently employed in Milwaukee and own a home that we have a spotless payment history on. I will be accepting a government position, and a 10% pay increase in Denver. My husband has not yet found a job in Denver, and we are willing to move before he has secured employment. We will also be selling our home in Milwaukee before completing the move.

We would like to buy a home as soon as possible upon my starting of the new position in Colorado. We have no money down, (unless we sell our home first and then we might have 5% down), but are ellgible for a VA loan.

1) Is it even possible for us to get a new mortgage if we are relocating and only one of us has secured employment, or do we HAVE to BOTH have jobs for a period first and establish residency before we can be considered?
2) What process (and when) should we go through to make this happen if it is possible?

Thanks for your help!

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