releasing some equity, obtaining a mortgage (uk only)?

i need to release some equity from a house which i own but is in my mothers name. there is currently no mortgage on the property but my mother is a pensioner so can not show any way of paying the money back. i am looking to borrow 50-60,000 GBP on the property which is worth at least 150,000 GBP. i am prepared to go guarantor on the loan/mortgage but don’t know the amount of information i will be required to give regarding my employment status and earnings etc and also whether or not it is even feasible that she will be able to obtain a mortgae with me acting as guarantor, any information or suggestions will be appreciated…..

I was in the process of acquiring a loan from a mortgage company in the UK, due to not being able to get one here in the US. The company agent that I am corresponding with has requested I apply for an equity bank account. I am not clear as to why I should apply for an equity account. Could anyone with a solid and accurate financial background, tell me why the agent would ask for this type of account as opposed to a normal banking account? Is it worth my time to even proceed with this loan process?

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