Refinance my mortgage or not? – 5 / 1 ARM?

In September this year, I was in my 5/1ARM (80/20, only interest, 100% financing, no prepayment penalty) for two years. Asking price: $ 750K. (Currently $ 810K) Provides 2011.Ich often have a good rule of thumb for refinancing a mortgage with a lower reading of 2 + percentage point of price or 2 years. I can understand why to a decrease of 2 percentage points in mind, but can someone explain why 2 years? I’m curious to refinance. I have seen very, very modest losses in my neighborhood over the past 18 months, mostly because I think I prefer to live near the beach and there really is no unused land in a pile of new homes to be built. But I’m still ängstlich.1. Any thoughts on the situation in general? 2 How should I in the recent “new limits on jumbo loans” of legislation in my reasoning? Dank.hey, mscarriem …

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