Refi’d Mortgage for debt consolidation – No one paid off creditors ?

When I refinanced my mortgage in May 07 the mortgage broker included 5405.01 in payments allocated to credit collections on my HUD statement.
His broker fees were around 6900.
I explained that the bulk of the CC collections was for a deceased relative’s account of whom I was only the authorized user.
My broker said it would tak eso long to dispute it that i was better of refing and paying it off and that my credit score would go up a lot.
Well 7 months later in late November I needed a small home equity loan. I have 165k in equity in my house still and World Savings/Wachovia assured me I should easily get the loan.
Instead they turne dme down due to credit rating.
I pulled all credit reports.
3 of the 4 owed creditors still show up. So my credit was not improved!
Who was responsible for the payoffs ? My mortgage broker or the title company ?
i should add that ive just gone thru junk mail and found a collection agency dated 11/07 still demanding payment on the largest collection. (4600- HSBC wasonly authorized user though) ironically theyre only asking for 50% of total.
if they were payed why are they stll asking?
what a headache. 🙁
To last answerer, Im in PA.
HSBC switched the debt to my name after my late grandfather died.
this was several years ago and at the time i was flush with cash and working a 60 hr a week job in nyc. So the only thing i did was call hsbc and write them a letter telling them since i never opened it, to remove me.
i also wrote the credit reporting agencies.
I shouldve followed up. But HSBC are total @##$ %^ to have transferred it to me.
Now I will follow up on it one way or another.

I currently have two auto loans, some credit card debt, and will be purchasing a house very soon. I know they have debt consolidation loans, but all ive seen are fixed rates for them. Do they offer Arm rates for debt consolidation for auto, credit, and mortgage loans? Any info is greatly appreciated. Also ive noticed that quicken loans has the cheapest rates, and best quotes do you know of others that have better?

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