Recourse against bad plumbing in new remodeled home?

Hello, this is my first question ever, here it goes! I recently purchased a completely remodeled home in california. Though the home was built in 1940, the house was completely rebuilt at the end of last year. We moved in a month ago and within the first week saw the sheet rock “bubble” down stairs from a leaky shower upstairs. The plumber has diagnosed the problem as being between the shower faucet and the shower head. He presumes that the shower was never installed properly because we are the first to ever live in the re-modeled house. Because of the location he says it will be necessary to go into the shower walls, though the shower tiles, to fix the problem. We have a new home warranty, but only covers damage up to $ 1,000. He estimates that it will cost between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 to fix. My question is do I have recourse against the person who inspected before I bought? against the previous owners? against the real estate agent? Do I have a case and how should I proceed?
The previous owners were the ones that hired the contractors to remodel the home. The previous owners should have known because they are the ones that remodeled the house to sell it. The bathroom in question was an add on to the house. The first poster can’t possibly think that my best course of action would be to “suck it up and move on”. The reason they should have know is because they are the ones that contracted the work and then sold it to me!

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