Recomendation for a mortgage company that does stated income loans?

I am trying to buy a house, but having trouble finding a lender that will do a stated income loan. Due to being self employed I cannot use my taxes as I do not qualify that way. I have excellent credit, enough for 10% down, and have at least 6 months of payments already set aside. I can prove my income through bank statements, CPA letter, ect. Does any one know a lender who still does stated income loans?
I’m not looking for solicitations, just for recommendations on well know companies who are open to doing stated income loans. Everywhere I call I get told by lenders that my chances are slim of getting a stated income loan no matter how good I look on paper. The last lender told me “there would be conditions too numerous to list. You are better off waiting a few years for the market to cool off”. I don’t intend on throwing away money on rent for the next few years and I’m sick of calling lender after lender and getting no straight answer.

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