Recently purchased first home and moving to another state?

I purchased my first home a few months ago and will be moving to another state due to a better job offer. I know that trying to sell my home may not be in my best interest since I just got it, however, if I do – there is no pre-payment penalty on my loan.

My question is: Am I better off selling my house (have about $ 25k in equity) or renting it out and trying to buy a second home in the new state? Would I be able to buy a second home with having this first one? I have been told that I should be able to as long as I can prove the first one is rented out. Is this correct?

I go back and forth with selling because if the job offer doesnt work out, then I would always have a place to come back to if needed. If this would help in providing your answer – I currently live in Texas and will be moving to Colorado.

I would prefer answers from people who have mortgage/lending/real estate experience.

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