Recent experience w / Chase Mortgage?

A credit union and mortgage broker all of us a tax estimates Tabellenkalkulation.Jede a detailed and labeled, and were willing to discuss what each of them and how the # bestimmt.Chase Loan Officer # 1 said do not worry we will give money to cover. When I press a # she said she thinks there are about 990th If I request a break down to draw a graph showing that the costs seem (but not 990). She says she can not print the Diagramm.Chase Loan Officer # 2 in another class wants to know why I want to know the charges they said they would cover them. (To find what you shop for full disclosure / transparency). (There should be, if so, it has the # s) was when he insisted on giving me an answer for any tax (highlighted $ 425), then said the rest should be similar to what others told me. He says I am the # s obtained by an application to obtain not only not want to put in an application until I have the # s.

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