Hey frends, thanx for the response in my previous questions. I just got the insurance appraiser check my car and she gave me an estimation for repairs at first and when i was on my way for repairs, she called me again and told me to not to do repairs. I had to come back home again, and it was really annoying. The problem of the vehicle after it was smahed in the front part was that:
-> bumpers n headlights, grills, radiators, needed to be replaced,
-> my car can’t be driven normally, i have to hit full throttle to move the car forward while in “DRIVE” ( automatic transmission).

So, i dont know why they told me they’re gonna total it out? I’m just afraid that they might try to give me low compensation telling that it is rebuilt/salvage title, but my car had no major problems, all 4 tires haven’t been driven more than 900 miles, new hoses just one week ago, and it was running good and the mileage was also okay, only the title is rebuilt or salvage whatever, but the car has been working fine. Can I dispute if they give me too low price ? Which pricing type should i look at kelly’s blue book to compare it with that insurance company’s compensation for totalling out my honda civic 97 ? Please frends, I really am in a mess, I can’t accept if they try to give too low compensation. Let me tell ya, the repairs estimation was $ 1178 and that also without estimating the unknown problem with “DRIVE”.
Please help me out friends, I’m waiting for your responses and advice.

Additional Details

i’m so sorry i missed one thing, ,, the insurance company told me that i cud keep the car (maybe they dont wanna deal with salvage title??duhh) and they’re gonna total it out and i can decide wat to do with the compensation, whether to fix or buy new one…. sorry about missing this info..

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