Really need help with some questions about financing?

Reply with T-true or false F-1) To sell securities for the purposes of public investment funds to register its securities and created a brochure describing its objectives and costs for Investoren2) mutual funds declare income pretax Grundlage3) A money market fund is a representation of a fund without Ausgabeaufschlag4) An attempt to index funds, the composition of an index like the S & P 500 Duplikat5) A trust is a mortgage REIT, spezialisiert6 in mortgages) A ​​trust capital for all financial instruments nutzen7) may REITs a good investment for investors Bedarf8 which a stream of dividend income) One of the benefits of proposed investments in foreign stocks is diversification Portfolios9 ) The intrinsic value of a stock option is the difference between stock price and the exercise price per share of Option10) The option price is less than in the rule option intrinsic value

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