Really confused about home buying process?

My husband and I were pre-approved for 125,000 . On Dec 24th we made an offer on a house for 113,000 and the sellers accepted it that day. We gave our earnest money, turned in income verification, had our credit report ran,had income verification, had the house appraisal, the title search,the inspection,got a good faith estimate,secured home owners insurance.We were told that all their loans are locally processed, underwritten, and closed by their own company. Heres my question a loan processor collected all of our information that the branch manger told us we needed (the branch manager is the lady we are working with) now does all this go to an underwriter? Is a loan processor the same as an underwriter and how much longer will it take to find out if our mortgage is approved.
they also had my husbands employment verified, hes been with the Army 15 years so far, we are using the VA loan

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