Real Estate Property Question?

What if a part of a house is more expensive then the rest of the house?

Like if a property is worth $ 300,000. Because the kitchen’s tiled floor is solid gold. So that part adds $ 100,000. If this is the case, then would a mortgage lender ever agree to lending to a borrower for this property?
Would it be legal for the borrower, once owning the house, to then sell the gold tiles to someone, then sell the property for $ 200,000?
This would put the lender at a big loss, so how would they protect themselves from this?
If a borrower actually did this then what would the lender do if the borrower wanted to sell the property?

1. Would a lender lend to a borrower for a property like this?
2. If so, would it be legal for the borrower to sell part of the house, then sell the property?
3. If the above is legal, what would the mortgage lender do in this scenario since they cannot get back the value of the property that would satisfy the loan in full?

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