Real estate and loan question. plz help?

Hi all, we are going to buy a house in san jose.last week our agent told us you are preapproved you can give notice to your landlord that you are moving in 30 days. yesterday he came and says your loan is not approved and we have to put 25%down instead of putting 10% and also the loan gonna be under her wifes name now and property going to be under my name and his wife name.(he’s trying to help us) b’coz of the credit score i have (625 my scores) right now we can give him only 75,000 he sais he has a 40,000 credit line he can give us to use for 6 months and we have to pay interst on that and after 6 months we can get equity on our house and pay him his 40,000 and then we have to pay that IR to the bank for equity. plz guide me can we go for that ot no. thanks in advance.

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