Re enlisting in Army with debt??

Hey ya’ll…heres my problem.. I enlisted in the army over 4 years ago and have served two tours in iraq.. Decided it was time to try out civilian life and found out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Finding a decent job is almost impossible without a degree of some sort. Also I miss the stabilization and security of the military as well as my job in combat arms. Fast forward a few months and ive got myself into a pretty bad situation with my car payment. I got well behind in my payments 3 months worth. but am enrolling in a debt management program Was wondering if anyone here would be able to tell me if the army will give me a hard time re enlisting because of the 8 or 9 k debt i have. I had the car payment while i was enlisted and deployed but a buddy of mine advised me that they may not take me back because of the debt i have and the effect its taken on my credit rating. Any help would be grea

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