quit claim deed fraud and legalities?

3 years ago I owned a house in Oklahoma. I went through a real estate company to rent out the property and paid the mortgage on time. A few months later I recieved a forclosure notice stating that my mortgage hadn’t been paid in 3 months. I contacted the person at the company and they said they had renters but they were section 8 and they did not recieve enough money. Being in financial trouble living in new york the home being in oklahoma and me just getting out of the army I had no choice they offered to do a quit claim deed to pay the due amount to avoid forclosure and continue mortgage payments for 5 years. I agreed. So now i find out the woman is no longer with the company wan never licensed and she claimed to be someone other than the property owner. She was behind on a payment in may and it states that they will return the property if they fail to make payment. She refuses saying that she needs a $ 2000 check from my insurance company for the insurance that was built into the mortgage that she was paying(and also recieving extra money from renting it out). The insurance company says they will not pay it to her. Her bribe is if we pay her what she thinks she deserves due to paying the mortgage then she will give us back the property. She uses 2 different aliases and pretends she is the property manager and that there are other owners , But in all reality it is her and we have proof. What can we do?

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