Questions on certain things that affect credit score?

1) Does the number of open checking accounts affect FICO score in any way? or for example how long have they been open / if you ever had negative balance.
NOTE: Not talking when you are trying to get a loan and they check your balance. Lets assume the balance is fine now but before you had some negative balance, will that be a factor of your FICO score

2) Does co-signing for someone hurt your FICO score? Assuming the person you co sign for pays all monthly payments on time

3) If you have 3 credit cards and you use 1 more than the other, does it affect your FICO score for not having a balance between them or something?
Assuming you pay everything on time and not minimum payments

4) If you have 2 credit cards open and you have been using just one of them for a whole year and not the other, what happens to that credit card that has not been used for a year?
Will it hurt your FICO score because you have not used it for so long? Or will the card be automatically closed or something?


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