questions..about credit repair?

My boyfriend and i talk about marriage and he has amazing credit but unfortunately i don’t. i made the mistake of not paying off 2 of my credit cards and now they are sent to collections, which was put on my credit report and he wont marry me until i get my credit score better..what should i do? what is the FASTEST way to improve my credit and remove my collections charges? i just want to be able to make payments or something to get rid of my bad credit. Is it possible to have my credit score repaired and built in 2 or 3 years? how quick could i have a better credit score and what is the best thing or things i should do to improve my credit? please tell me the steps i should do to get better credit? i just dont know what to do, i am scared and i just have no clue where to start..PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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