Zero Debt, Good Income, Low Score, Can’t Get Credit

QuestionsZero Debt, Good Income, Low Score, Can’t Get Credit
asked 2 years ago

I am in my late 40’s. I have no open accounts, credit cards or loans. I am self employed and have a decent income. However, my credit score is poor. I am unable to get a small personal loan, not even a gas station or dept store credit card. I’ve exhausted all avenues to build my credit score, there’s nothing left on my report to remove. I’m completely stuck.


I resorted to opening 2 title loans (back to back). For 2 years I made every payment on time, never late. However, title loans to not report to credit bureaus. I was told that I could mail the title loan information to the bureaus once they were paid and closed. I mailed all of the paperwork to TransUnion and Equifax and never heard anything back from either bureau.


I cannot build my credit score because I can’t get any type of loan, card, etc. My score is stuck at Poor. What does one do at this point?

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