Your average monthly payment has been too low

QuestionsYour average monthly payment has been too low
asked 3 years ago

Looking for advice on how to overcome this CLI denial reason.


Quick history… Got the QS Visa 5 months ago(will be 5 months in 2 days, but close enough to say) with a SL of $ 3k. The first 3 months I charged about 400-500 & paid 100 per month while the minimum payment was 25. After 3rd statement I did a quick CLI attempt to see what it would say, figuring I’d get the “too soon” message. I got the “Your average monthly payment has been too low” messge instead. I read page 3 of the denial letter and it said “Generally if you make more than your minimum monthly payment on time for 3 months you can reapply for a credit line increase”. I’ve never missed a payment, and the minimum I’ve ever payed was 100 for the first 3 months @ 4x the minimum due. Anyways, after that I decided to pay more…alot more. The next month I paid 500 with a minimum due of 25, and after that I paid 2000+ in 1 month, which paid the card off.


So today I try for another CLI attempt, and get the same exact denial reason. I jumped on chat due to it being after hours, and rep wasnt any help to be honest. My average monthly payment to date is 563 per month, after 5 months, unless I totally failed my math here? (100+100+100+500+2016)/5 = 563 average? Or do they do it differently somehow? My highest balance was the 2016 out of a 3k limit, which I had that balance less than a month.


The chat rep said I would need to make these same average payments(563 per month) for another 6 months before I can get my first CLI on this $ 3k QS Visa?? This is on top of the already 5 statements I’ll have in 2 days from now. That seems rather excessive imho – Having to make 11+ payments of $ 563 average monthly payments on a $ 3k card?. My other QS card I never had to make such payments to get CLI’s…it’s only at 6.5k, but it just seems like I’m having to jump thru some real hoops here for my first CLI on this card.


I don’t want to come across as expecting to be owed anything(maybie I have already), but this denial reason has me stumped here, and the rep stating I need to make 11+ statements worth of 563 average per month payments seems a bit more than what I’m used to from Cap1(or any other CCC to be honest).


Not sure where to go from here with this card. My other QS MC is over double this one’s limit & I got that within 4-5 months of opening that card if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I can’t combine these since one is a MC and the other a Visa. The Visa QS seems way harder to get a CLI on.


Anyways, anyone have a similar experience & can tell me how to beat this other than the obvious which is to pay an average of 600 per month for the next 6 months to hopefully get a CLI?

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