xpost: CCT Plus Score Instead of Fico 8?

Questionsxpost: CCT Plus Score Instead of Fico 8?
asked 3 years ago

So I have been helping my sister repairing her credit report for the past 3 months. We pulled her CCT initially to see what’s her actual scores is (550s) in April. Those score from the CCT trial was fico 8. I canceled the cct trial as I think it was not worth paying while repairing her credit. Fast forward to today, all her collections are gone from Credit Karma. CK Fako is TU – 725, EQ – 737. I just re-enroll her up to CCT and now it’s providing Plus score. Shouldn’t this be Fico 8? I know in my own CCT it’s Fico 8.


Plus score: 

EX: 674

EQ: 641

TU: 782


I will be calling CCT on Monday to see what’s going on. Any suggestions from the board?

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