working to buy my wife our first home

Questionsworking to buy my wife our first home
Hollis Wilhoite asked 6 years ago

This is my first post. I have been reading through a lot of the post for a couple of week already. I have made a lot of stupid mistakes through my 20s, now 30 and trying to fox things.  I havent signed up for the myfico credit reports and monitering yet, have been using ck, capital one tracker and equifax.  ck has my scores for transunion as 645 and equifax at 627.  capital one shows a 609 and equifax site shows 606  . 


capital one platinum since 01/2011

300 limit owe 27

never late


capital one platinum since 06/2011 ungrade to quicksilver yesterday. still waitng for answer on cli

500 limit owe 45

never late


on 03/25/2015 was approved for amex card waiting to recieve card

500 limit


the baddies

revenue recovery $ 113 agreed to remove from cra  payed on 3/18/15 (medical)

revenue recovery $ 137 agreed to remove from cra on 03/23/15 origanly paid 3/6/10 (medical)


online collections $ 526 unpaid at the moment (utilities)

dates back to 3/2009 but they are reporting each month


Paragon revenue group $ 263 paid on 3/23/15 they agreed to remove from cra  (medical)


Accounts research $ 107 unpaid (medical)


Enhanced recovery group origal sprint wireless  settled with ca for half in 5/12

they will not accept anymore money to show paid in full.  i contacted sprint last and they say i can pay them the remaing $ 217

and put me in good standings with them. sprint is not reporting on credit report. wondering if i can get the enhanced removed if i

do this


lvnv orginal creditor is credit one bank  $ 696  reporting each month  from 5/13  credit one bank is showing a closed negative account also.



first premier bank settled with them  in 1/10  1st late reported 6/09  should i try to gw



How To Fix My Credit

THE WOLF OF LOS ANGELES replied 6 years ago
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