Williams-Sonoma Visa NO longer available;Plus INFO!!

QuestionsWilliams-Sonoma Visa NO longer available;Plus INFO!!
asked 3 years ago

OK….Browsing Barclays site today and noticed that the Williams-Sonoma Visa CC is no longer there.  So I went to the WS website, and clicked on the WS CC, and all is says is “Manage acct”, and it clicked me back over to the Barclays webiste. mmmmm, Interesting I thought, so I reached out to Barclays Credit services, AND to the WS store manager to get the scoop!!!


First Barclays:

The WS Visa is going away. You may no longer apply for it, but IF you have it, you still get to keep it, just Barclays is no longer going to issue any new WS visas anymore! bye, bye! 


Second WS store manager:

They got notice of it last week, and no longer take apps BECAUSE……(are you ready for this)???……….Williams-Sonoma will be transitioning to a WS store card to be used only in the store! (my dream!!!)…


Im assuming that since the WS company owns Pottery Barn, PBT, PBK, Revuvination, and the PB cc is backed by Comenity….my hunch is the new WS store card will be backed by Comenity. We will see if Im right Smiley Wink


There you have it! Smiley Wink





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