Will we be eligible for Aviator bonus?

QuestionsWill we be eligible for Aviator bonus?
Genevieve Gariepy asked 5 years ago

I have both the Citi and Barclays AA cards. Having both has proven to be fruitful for me. Citi gave me an additional 50K for having the card and opening a checking account. Barclays gave me an additional 15K for additional spend. Total bonus miles between cards 165,000. 


I was considering dropping one and thought Citi was the way to go since Barclays wasn’t taking new apps. Then I heard the news that both Barclays and Citi were awarded AA contract renewal. 


For those of us that technically applied for the USAirways Dividends card (which was later converted to Aviator) I’m curious if we’ll be eligible for any sign up bonus once the new round of Aviator apps start. Assumption here is that there will be a bonus offered to sign up.


Your thoughts?

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