Will this work? (Amex and Chase Slate)

QuestionsWill this work? (Amex and Chase Slate)
Verena Steinberger asked 4 years ago

I was thinking of ways to help my credit cards.  I need a new MacBook Pro.  The machines cost $ 2000 now-a-days.  I will charge it to my Amex Gold to help meet usage requirements for the bonus points which I must do in 3 months.  Since the Amex Gold is a charge card and must be paid-in-full each month, I will transfer the balance of the card to my Chase Slate which has a 0% APR and no balance transfer fee.  Then I will pay it off before it posts to the CRA’s.  This will help me get CLI on the Slate.  For those who know about these cards, will this work? Both cards are new to me.

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