Will I qualify for an FHA loan?

QuestionsWill I qualify for an FHA loan?
asked 2 years ago

I unfortunately got a little over zealous and made my own thread without checking the stickies – sorry about that.  Below are the contents of my thread, which pertain to this topic.   EDIT:  I moved your thread away from the stickies so you can get your answers – StartingOver10


Hey everyone,


About 5 years ago my credit took a complete nose dive.  Things got bad, and there went my 800 score, down to in the 400’s for a while.  Since then I’ve worked incredibly hard to build it back up.  Kept my auto loan history mostly good through out this period, though there were a few late payments ways back.  At this point theres over 3 years of good auto loan payments, as well as paying off the car in full and opening a new loan (I lease).  All my outstanding old collection debt is zero’ed out.  My soon to be fiance has me as an autorized user on 3 of her credit cards, all of which report to my credit as well to help improve my score so we can get a house.  


Were looking to do an FHA loan on about a 240-250k house, max FHA in my area is $ 271,000.  My current scores are Equifax – 602, T/U – 600, and Experian -639 which is a longggggg way from where I was.  I know it’s not close to perfect but from what I’ve read FHA loans are a little more lienient with getting approved.  I have a decent income which I hope will help be the deciding factor.


My girlfiend will be going on the loan as well, her credit is above 700.  I’m just worried that my past issues will kill the entire deal.


Thanks in advance,


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