Will I ever lay down with Discover?

QuestionsWill I ever lay down with Discover?
asked 4 years ago

Okey So I have 10 months credit history.
18k total CL
Amex BCE
Amex Gold
Walmart Store
Cap 1 Secure
Chase Slate
Chase Freedom

I was denied 3 times for Discover.
Since last time I tried I have 2 bew chase cards.
Do you think I should try again or to wait?
How long must be since last app. I was offered to co sign but I said no.
Discover is card that I want so badly, idk why.
Other card I really want to have is CSP, but I am waiting to get an offer on chase pre qualify site.
I have 11inq on every CRA, and my fico scored are 690-700

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